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Post  Wolffebe on Tue 29 Jul - 23:20

I hope this doesn't bother you, but I can only speak English, Spanish and a bit of German.

Character Name: Wolffeberhard

Jobs 70+: RDM75; SMN75 and BLM71
Sub Jobs: WHM45 and DRK37
All jobs have all spells for its level and i got all avaters as SMN.

Sentinal: (NA SkyLS) ex-member - I left it because I moved to Germany to study so the Time zone made it hard to attend. I'm now GMT+1.
MoonVission: (EU/NA ex-SkyLS) Co-Lead for the Shell I used to help run sky events. At 1st it used to be only EU, but as time went by, we started to take NA members also. As a result, the events were slowly moving from GMT to EST Time. I had to leave soon after.
RelicHunter: (NA DynamisLS) ex-Member. Left for the same time reasons.
ColdFusion: (NA DynamisLS) ex-Member. Only join cause a friend asked me to, but left for the same reasons.

As you can see, I've been waiting for a GMT shell to be formed. I didn't waste time when i saw the /sh from you guys and I do hope I'll be of any use to you. As for what i would like us to do in this Shell, that would be Dynamis, if you don't mind.

Take Care, Wolf


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Wolffeberhard Empty Re: Wolffeberhard

Post  Stanji on Tue 29 Jul - 23:43

Hi wolf Wink
Nice to meet you ^^ i hope our HLS will be the good one ^^'
I have to make it clear ^^' we are a very new HLS for Dyna (1st Run this Sathurday) and for Sky we never killed kirin (atm) (Just one attempt ^^')

Mostly we speak French, so sorry in anticipation. But for you, we'll try the english (sometimes Oo) ^^'
(German : thanks for the offer, but i have to pass Oo)

If you have any question during an event /tell kithana or Shadowreapper, i think they'll can be answer you.

Cya IG Wink

(Registrer you please, and make your own introduction Wink)

\\O O//

- Comme le dirai un Sage : "Oh be One Can not Be" (Yoda n'est pas doué en anglais Mad)
Je serai Quelqu'un comme personne. >_>
- "That's The way "hein" "hein" "hein" "hein" , ... I like KITE" (l'hymne du RDM)

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