Soboro.[Sunday 28th December @15h]

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Soboro.[Sunday 28th December @15h] Empty Soboro.[Sunday 28th December @15h]

Post  Aki on Wed 17 Dec - 19:46

I will need this one for my SAM ^^ Sooo I'm looking for some helps/needers who want to join the run on Sunday 28th~

Here's what you have to know :

* Spawned by trading a Clustered Tar to the ??? in the back of the cave at (J-9).

* The entrance to the cave is located at the southeast corner of (I-9).
* The ??? respawns 15 minutes after the Unstable Cluster is defeated.

* Estimated to have around 10,000 Hit Points.
* Has a natural Blaze Spikes effect.
* Attacks multiple times each round - the number of attacks are equal to the amount of bombs remaining in the Cluster.
* Susceptible to Slow, but resistant to Paralyze and Blind.
* Somewhat resistant to Sleep effects.

* Sleep and Sleep II will work, but not reliably. Elemental Seal → Sleep works reliably, however.
* Light Shot's sleep effect works fairly reliably.

* Susceptible to Stun, but somewhat resistant to the stun effect of Head Butt and that of Weapon Skills such as Flat Blade.
* Uses normal Cluster special attacks.

* Refueling can be dispelled.
* Starts using Self-Destruct at 55% health. Some form of Stun is recommended to prevent this.

Here is the map :

Soboro.[Sunday 28th December @15h] Riverne-siteb01_NM

Here is a video ^^ (i don't know why I put this one exactly) :