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I – What you need to post your candidacy
II – Suscribe on the forum, post your candidacy, introduce yourself
III - Behaviour you must have during event and on the forum
IV - How event will go

A - Sky
1 – Points and lots
2 - Bank
3 – Pop item
4 - Sanctions
5 - Bonus points

I - What you need to post your candidacy

Be at least lvl 70, and have sky acces.

You can’t have another sky ls.

(For those who don’t have acces to sky yet, post ur candidacy, and then post in the ZM topic. After u reach zm12, edit ur candidacy, and u’ll be able to do sky with us.)

II -
Suscribe on the forum, post your candidacy, introduce yourself

First, create an account and chose the same nickname as your character, to avoid some confusion. Then introduce yourself.

You can use the pattern suggested on the topic to help yourself.

III - Behaviour you must have during event and on the forum

We don’t want drama. Be nice, and respect the others. If u had to argue with someone, do that in /tell.

Follow the instructions given by the leaders.

Please, 8:30 pm means that u need to be in sky at 8:30. It’s not hard. If u know u’ll be late one day, just log out in sky, and log on when u can.

Go check forum to know what’s new in the ls.

IV - How event will go

A - Sky

Sky is at 8 :30. We’re heading to some nm at this time. If ur late, that’s ur fault. We will wait till 9: (Diarree trouble can happen, we ain’t monsters.), but after, sanction will be aply. The more late you are, the tougher the sanction will be..
And pls, don’t be afk every 5 mins. They will be sanction for that too. (We still understandif you have some emergency trouble). Check the topic Sanction for further infos.

If your lost coz you didn’t follow us, u MUST find ur way yourself to reach us. They’re map on the forum, they’re for that. Sanction will occur too. Check sanction topic.

After each run, we’ll post a mesage to let you know the pop items we got, the points you earn, and the curent money of the ls. (bank)

Please, bring snk oils and invi powder. Even mages need that, coz some mob aggro magic, so be careful. Nin, check ur tonko and ur others tools too.

Put some filter on, to focus on the fight, to read LS chat, and to see mob’s abilities.

Only leader can talk in ls chat. Ppl who aren’t in pty can also use this ls chat.

1 – Point and lots

You’ll earn 5 point at the end of the run. Except if u had comited some mistake. (Check sanction forum)

For those who play 2 accounts during the same run, they will have 5 points, and not 5 points per character played.

You’l have 2 day to place ur points. If u don’t, they will be lost.

You can place ur points on itmes listend in “Boarder points”. U can freelot rare/ex weapon that may drop.(Only if u can equip them.)

If 2 ppl have the same amount of point, they both will have to lot.

But before lot anything, await for the leaders’instructions.

2 - Bank

The bank will grow up after each run if we sell item that aren’t listed on the boarder points.

Your part will be calculated with the number of lot point that you earned in this month.

Each month, your “bank points” will be reset.

The bank will be distributed from the first to the 15th of the next month. That means that you’ll get ur money from july only on august, when it reach 5M.

Stanji will give you your money by trading you or via mailbox. You must claim for your money during those 15 days, or else your money will go back to the bank.

3 – Pop items

Those who will keep the pop item will be the leader. If u have some pop item, and if u leave the ls, or if you will be absent for a run , you MUST give back the item

4 – Sanctions

Knowing event will begin at 20h30 gmt +2, sanction wll occur after 21h.

Approximately -1 point the half hour

Long and repeatedly afk::

30mn = -1 point

Don’t respect the others :

They’re will be severals sanction if you insult or don’t respect the others.
If someone complain about you : A warning " : ... So please, watch your language.

Call for Help :

If you Call For Help, everyone stop the fight and logout.

5 – Bonus points

Bonus point will be awarded if u bring any pop item :
Item pop NM :

Curtana = 1pt
Water = 2 pts
Diorite = 3 pts

Item pop God :

Stone = 5 pts
Gem = 5 pts

Seal = 10 pts

To avoid some “spam” we will only accept 3 same item.

If you have a curtana, but if ls already have 3 curtana, you can keep it for later. So, as soon as we use one, you can trade yours.

You will get point as soon as you give item to the leader. And u will place your point after an event.

Bonus point for seal will be granted only to new people. Older member can’t get that bonus, coz they can’t get by themselves a seal, except if they buy one. But don’t waste ur gils on that.

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